Founded by Grace…

Everything comes with risk, but when a Warrior lives through war and lands at LZ-Grace, it is to overcome, reconnect to family and community and achieve the peace that comes from within.

When we acknowledge and release what we’ve lived through and find connection with one another, our souls are inspired to hold tight to the edge of the cliff until help arrives; to live on; to use scars as road maps; and to pass strength and experience forward to all the world.

Grace is the voice that calls us to change and the power to pull it off.

LZ-Grace Promotional Video produced, edited and donated by Nanc Waters.

 It is with the love and generosity of our kind supporters that LZ-Grace Warriors Retreat can make a difference and begin the healing process.

Lynnette Bukowski All rights reserved ©2014

LZ-Grace Dedication and Blessing Part II

On November 16, 2014, LZ-Grace Warrior Retreat held a private Dedication, Blessing and Groundbreaking Ceremony. 240 souls blessed this property and honored us with their presence and energy

Our very special thanks and heartfelt gratitude to esteemed speakers Christopher J. Zyda and Trine’ Eich Koehn.

The video contains their magic.

Christopher J. Zyda

Christopher J. Zyda is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mozaic, LLC (, an investment firm with over $1.6 billion in assets.  Mozaic, located in Beverly Hills, California, provides customized wealth management services for ultra high net worth individuals, family offices and foundations located throughout the United States.

Chris began his career at The Walt Disney Company in 1988, where he held several Corporate Treasury positions and served as Disney’s Chief Investment Officer, overseeing more than $4 billion of company investments.  Chris also served as a key member of Disney’s investor relations team, participated in numerous Disney capital market financings, worked on the initial public offering of Euro Disneyland’s stock on the Paris Bourse, and served as a member of the integration team for Disney’s 1995 acquisition of Capital Cities/ABC.  Chris joined in Seattle, Washington as one of its early employees in 1998, and as its Assistant Treasurer and Treasurer built Amazon’s Corporate Treasury team and secured more than $2 billion of capital market financing to support Amazon’s global expansion.  Chris then was promoted to Amazon’s Vice President and International Chief Financial Officer, and played an instrumental role in helping Amazon avoid bankruptcy in 2001 and in the company’s financial turnaround by restructuring its International Segment so that it became the first business segment in Amazon’s history to generate a profit.  Chris joined eBay in San Jose, California in 2001, and as its Vice President of Finance he managed eBay’s first comprehensive budgeting process, managed investor relations, and served as a key member of its PayPal acquisition team.  Chris joined Luminent in San Francisco, California in 2003 as its Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and he led the real estate investment trust’s initial public offering of stock on the New York Stock Exchange and raised a total of nearly $5 billion of capital market financing to support the company’s growth to over $9 billion in assets.

Chris was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  Chris earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 1989 with a concentration in Finance and achieved Beta Gamma Sigma honors.  Chris also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of California Los Angeles in 1984.  In addition to investments and finance, Chris enjoys CrossFit (his best Murph time is 40:47 wearing a 20 pound weight vest), Olympic lifting, running, skiing, playing the piano, and creative writing.



Triné Eich Koehn

Trine’ is the owner & founder of Reiki Wellness & Mediation Center. Utilizing the ancient wisdom of eastern healing modalities combined with her intuitive gifts.

Triné is a leader in the alternative healing community in Virginia Beach. Her level of expertise is reflected in the many health care professionals that have completed her training courses.

Triné supports the transition of her clients as they heal from physical and emotional trauma and reclaim their health and their lives. Working with many “Team” members and their wives, Triné is committed to support the success of LZ Grace and the various members of the Special Operations Forces personnel that will be visiting the Warrior Retreat Center.

LZ-Grace Warrior Fire-Pit “First Fire”

On November 16, 2014, LZ-Grace Warrior Retreat held a private Dedication, Blessing and Groundbreaking Ceremony. 240 souls blessed this property and honored us with their presence and energy.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who generously donated to make the Warrior Fire-Pit a reality, with special thanks and appreciation to a young man and his family and Scout Troop who worked tirelessly day and night to complete the Eagle Scout project by late night on November 15, 2014.

Incredible talent, workmanship, integrity and a blessing beyond my wildest dreams.

Timothy Bedford , Timothy’s family and Troop 996 of Tidewater, Virginia


Local SEAL’s widow keeps his dream alive

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for many, many miracles and the exceptional people in my life.


Steve and Lynnette



LZ-Grace, a Facility for Special Operations Veterans, Home

Breaks Ground November 16th

Virginia Beach, VA — Master Chief Steve S. Bukowski passed away suddenly in 2010 after serving thirty-two years as a Navy SEAL, but his wife Lynnette is carrying on the vision they shared together of a healing sanctuary for Special Operations Forces, Veterans and their families.

On November 16th, Lynnette will celebrate the groundbreaking and dedication of LZ-Grace Warriors Retreat in Tidewater Virginia.  The facility will specialize in recreational programs and alternative healing therapies for the purpose of decompression and healing through community rather than isolation.

“Four months ago it was an abandoned horse farm with peeling paint and overgrown

"Mema" Sherry Van Campen (89) trimming trees at LZ-Grace
“Mema” Sherry Van Campen (89) trimming trees at LZ-Grace

grass,” Lynnette says of the property, “but with the help of many good-soul volunteers and donors, it’s really shaping up.”  Even Lynnette’s eighty-nine year-old mother is pitching in – the five-foot tall octogenarian has painted walls and trimmed branches to the limit of her short reach.

“We want it to feel like home away from home for our warriors,” says Lynnette, “Steve and I frequently hosted gatherings of his SEAL brothers at our house, and we saw the healing that occurs when these men rest and reconnect outside of a war environment.”

Once complete, LZ-Grace will offer traditional and non-traditional services including:

  • Equine therapy
  • Service canines
  • Chiropractic
  • Yoga
  • Meditation gardens
  • Climbing
  • Kayaking and more…


The groundbreaking ceremony is by invitation only and will be attended by many in the Special Operations Forces community, Virginia dignitaries, community supporters, volunteers, donors and selected media teams from local newspapers and national television news affiliates.

“The outpouring of support has been humbling and wonderful,” says Lynnette, “Steve

Eagle Scout Project - Warrior Fire-Pit. Materials donated by Lancaster Farms, Belgard and Luck Stone!
Eagle Scout Project – Warrior Fire-Pit. Materials donated by Lancaster Farms, Belgard and Luck Stone!

would be thrilled.”

LZ-Grace Warrior Retreat Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose operations have relied solely upon the help and generosity of donors, volunteers and family members.

To donate, please visit


Highly versed in military family issues, Lynnette Bukowski spent over 15 years as a Navy Family Ombudsman and mentor at numerous Naval Special Warfare Commands.  She advised Navy families through the difficulties of disruptive deployments and loss of life and experienced those turbulent waters herself as the widow of a thirty-two year veteran Navy SEAL.  Lynnette was also a Court Appointed Special Advocate member and guardian ad litem, serving as a therapeutic foster mother to over a dozen special needs children.  She is now an author, speaker, mentor, mother of three grown kids and founder of LZ-Grace Warriors Retreat.


Steve S. Bukowski was a graduate of BUD/S Class 91 and served over thirty-two years as a U.S. Navy SEAL and silent professional.  He was an operator, instructor and mentor with SEAL Teams ONE, THREE, FOUR, EIGHT, SDVT-1, JSOSE, and served globally at numerous other Naval Special Warfare commands.


one red maple
Flag flying at LZ-Grace in Honor of our fallen Warriors and all who serve.
Spike & Selah Meditation
Morning mediation with Spike and Selah
Willow Tree Limbs - Going Down
Volunteer Arborist Greg Walker clearing dead trees on the grounds.
morning ferns
LZ-Grace Front Porch
Lynn picking up Mema's tree-trimming debris
Lynn picking up Mema’s tree-trimming debris
St Francis
St. Francis with a hole in his heart and needing a hand.

Honor, Live and Never Forget

Landing zone flagTo our First Responders across this great land, the many souls who have died as innocent civilians and brave Warriors since September 11, 2001, the families and friends who to this day miss and love, and to our living Warriors who continue daily to keep America safe,

LZ-Grace Warriors Retreat honors you today and each day.

We will Never Forget.

My heartfelt gratitude and special thanks to:

Our local Fire and Rescue Captain and Firemen;

John “Jack” Dye, NREMT-B, EMT Scott, and Maria Rataiczak for honoring us with your presence;

Loretta Morrison on bagpipes and the beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace;

Diane Van Campen for organizing and proving nourishment to all;

Sherry Van Campen, Toni Donlinar, Kristine Mynes, and Aaron Bukowski  for working so hard to prepare LZ-Grace for this solemn and beautiful day;

to an unnamed and loved individual for wisdom, magic and guidance;

and to Nancy Watters, for filming, editing and producing a brilliant video on a moment’s notice.

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