Founded by Grace…

Everything comes with risk, but when a Warrior lives through war and lands at LZ-Grace, it is to overcome, reconnect to family and community and achieve the peace that comes from within.

When we acknowledge and release what we’ve lived through and find connection with one another, our souls are inspired to hold tight to the edge of the cliff until help arrives; to live on; to use scars as road maps; and to pass strength and experience forward to all the world.

Grace is the voice that calls us to change and the power to pull it off.

LZ-Grace Promotional Video produced, edited and donated by Nanc Waters.

 It is with the love and generosity of our kind supporters that LZ-Grace Warriors Retreat can make a difference and begin the healing process.

Lynnette Bukowski All rights reserved ©2014

2 thoughts on “Founded by Grace…

  1. God bless you for this labor love! I found your story truly inspiring and touching. I’m a Navy Mom and have friends who are Seal parents and I have shared your story with them. Is this a place where you can use volunteers ? I wish I had a way of physically helping out somehow. Please know you and your mission, your family, will always be in our prayers!


  2. What you have created Lynn is an almost incomprehensible place. It’s a new model for places like this to spring up in the future. Your vision is coming to fruition & I could not be more pleased as Lon & Gander made me aware of this issue.


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