I met a writer once, an exuberant, lovely woman, who described to me her “genius dance.” Whenever that moment came, that moment when she realized she’d gotten something exactly, precisely right, she rose from her chair and twirled around, yelling: “Geeenuis! Geeenius! Thank you, God!” I do that now. Really. It amuses me to no end.

Lynnette Bukowski is the Founder and CEO of LZ-Grace (Landing Zone Grace) SOF Warrior Retreat Foundation, a freelance author and artist, the mother of three, the therapeutic foster mother of 15 (now all grown) and the widow of a 32 year veteran Navy SEAL (Sidow).

Her purpose in life going forward is to build and oversee a place of respite and renewal for our Special Operations Warriors returning home from combat and First Responders transitioning from trauma, and to use her God-given-gifts as a writer to uplift, encourage and heal with love.

She is working to complete final edits on her book: Love is Born in Giant Fields of Crazy (Lessons in Love)and to navigate this crazy world without her husband’s physical presence. #FaithOverFear

If you would like more information about LZ-Grace SOF Warrior Retreat Foundation or to make a donation, please visit http://www.lz-grace.org or contact Lynn at Lynnette@lz-grace.org

Facebook: LZ-Grace Warrior Retreat Foundation

Facebook: Lynn Bukowski

Instagram: lzgracewarriorsretreat

Instagram: Damn-It-Lucy

Much of the earlier work appearing on Grace Beyond Grace is published in various periodicals and newspapers, such as Stars & Stripes (European, Asian, Stateside and Online), Navy Times, The Virginia Pilot, The Warren Record, and others.  She is a contributing author in the books, In Dogs We Trust, an Anthology curated by: Lonnie B. “Veteran Traveler” Hodge and inspired by Gander his Service Dog and Swift, Silent and Surrounded: Marine Corp Sea Stories and Politically Incorrect Common Sense by MSgt. Andrew A. Buffalo, USMC (Ret) and worked as a contributing ghostwriter for three non-fiction books with Norman Singer of San Francisco.,

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  2. I lost my fiance in June 1968 at the Battle of Khe Sanh. To say that the military was less than sensitive to an unattached woman “not a family member” would be an understatement. All these years I have resented that – until I read your posts. There truly is a difference. I can feel it and the gratitude you have for your years together, the life you built and the family you made. What I lost was the chance of that, but your loss is so much greater, deeper and, just possibly sweeter for the memories. Your blog brings back bittersweet memories of my own, but you make me proud. Thank you for sharing. I hope it brings you a bit of peace.


    • Kathleen,
      Your very kind words touch me deeply and brought me to tears. I am so sorry for the loss of your fiance and the lack of sensitivity given to you by the military. It is not much different to this day, except perhaps that spouses and other fiances’ gather round and try to provide comfort. I will keep your words close to my heart as I build and direct LZ-Grace Warriors Retreat. Pure love doesn’t always have a legal paper attached. It simply is… and it is oh so important to healing. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my words and send me a note. I am truly grateful.



  4. I love and admire your work. I lost my best friend last year who was like a dad to me. The pain of losing someone will always be with you. You probably know him his name is William Daugherty (Bill) if I’m not mistaking he mentioned your camp before. I pray that those who cross your path will be blessed and their hearts will be comforted like mine was when ready your beautiful story. God Bless you and be with you always.
    Natita C


    • Yes. I have to make sure I’m in a private spot when I read Lynn’s writing. It moves me to places

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