This Thanksgiving I am grateful for many, many miracles and the exceptional people in my life.


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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — As a young woman, Lynnette Bukowski had standard wedding plans: a dress, flowers, and a ceremony. But she was engaged to a Navy SEAL, which meant nothing would be ordinary.

Secret foreign affairs clashed with her wedding plans, and her marriage to Steve Bukowski started earlier than planned, and in a much different style than she envisioned.

“I married Steve when he was on deployment in the Philippines,” Lynnette said. “We ended up at a Christian men’s service center at 10 at night, in the middle of a typhoon. His entire platoon sang “Here Comes the Bride” because there was no electricity.”

Steve left three hours later for his first deployment. Lynnette didn’t know what to make of the man who returned.

Steven and Lynnette Bukowski (Photo courtesy of Lynnette Bukowski). Steven and Lynnette Bukowski (Photo courtesy of Lynnette Bukowski).

“Things were very quiet, and I thought he didn’t like me anymore,” Bukowski said. “It’s that thousand-yard stare…

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