Tag: Patience

Over Coffee

Excerpt Chapter from Married to the SEAL Teams: Lessons in Love Love is a constant trying and reaching and failing and falling and trying all over again. ~LB I am sitting on an antique chintz sofa at Blaylock’s Funeral Home waiting to receive your…

Lessons in Cadmium Red

When my father died, I learned the value of heritage. When I was assaulted, I learned I was so much more than my body. When my young friend took his own life, I learned forgiveness. When my unborn babies died, I learned a boundless…

Just Wait

At 11:42 pm on a Wednesday night I opened the front door to a weary-eyed social worker, a police officer so rigid he looked to be vibrating, and a two, perhaps three-foot tall blanket that may have been light green at some point in…

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